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We provide smart and flexible solutions based on IoT to improve the life and work of private and public organizations since 2002

Sensit team has 17 years experience delivering smart parking solutions to private companies and government organizations in EMEA. Sensit engineers have a track record of more than 200 completed projects

Who Smart Parking helps

Optimize parking management, reduce congestion and gas emissions caused by the search for parking.


Optimize parking management, reduce congestion and gas emissions caused by the search for parking.

Increase Turnover
Improve Compliance
Optimize Price and Policy


Parking made easy with real-time guidance to reduce the stress and unpredictability of finding a parking space.

Real-time Guidance
Save Time and Fuel
No More Circling<


Increase your business traffic by making it easy for your customers to find parking and get to your business faster.

More Business Traffic
Avoid Parking Frustration
Optimize Employee Parking


Build your solution with easy access to accurate and comprehensive on/off street parking data.

Powerful APIs
Valuable Parking Data
Guidance SDK

Key benefits of Sensit smart parking solution

Key benefits of Sensit smart parking solution

The latest innovations of parking management are accompanied by low energy consuming technologies.

Cost-efficiency and flexibility

SensIT’s smart parking sensor technology is affordable and requires basically no maintenance costs.

High accuracy in real time

A combination of magnet and infrared sensor technology allows maximum accuracy in vehicle detection.

Easy installation

Each vehicle detection sensor is affixed with no extra wires or other street furniture required. The network is easily connected to Sensit’s dashboard or end-user software.

Long life

Sensit sensors resist high load and damage. The sensors battery life lasts from 7 up to 13 years, with no need for service until then battery change is required.

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The most flexible parking sensor

P-sens optimizes the parking usage, reduces the harmful emissions and guarantees fast ROI.

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Project BG16RFOP002-1.002-0120-C01 “Intelligent parking system based on innovative sensors and innovative communication” financed by the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness”, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.