We offer a complete solution
for on-street parking

SENSIT CITY has developed a complete solution CITY PARKING PLUS, aimed at organizing, facilitating and automating the entire process of administration, control, collection of parking fees and sanctioning of offenders in short-term paid parking in an urban environment.


City Parking Plus WEB

Web platform for inquiries, subscription service and administration

City parking Plus Mobile

Mobile application for checking parked cars, imposing and canceling penalties

Pay-and-Display Presto Interactif

Parking machines for self-payment with coins, prepaid and bank cards

Ensuring connectivity for SMS payments

Intermediary provider between the municipality and mobile operators in Bulgaria

Android & iOS App for clients

Integration with services to external companies
Solution for on-street parking

A complete technical solution for hourly pre-paid parking zone in the city.

City Parking Plus is the solution aimed at facilitating, automating and organizing the entire process of collecting parking fees, information on parking spaces, sanctioning violators, administration, control of short-term paid parking in an urban environment and automation of a service center to customers.

The system was developed on the basis of the latest and most secure information technologies, guaranteeing trouble-free operation and complete security of the applications.

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Mobirise Website Builder
City Parking Plus WEB

- Management and control of subscriptions for permanent residents and citizens with special status;
- Management and control of Business subscriptions and citizens with electric cars;
- Possibilities for different types of payment for the stay in the Pay Zone;
- Control and sanctioning of offenders;
- Monitoring and control of the activities of employees in the Pay Zone;
- Automated preparation of various types of inquiries and analyses;
- Notification by SMS to customers of all events concerning their parking in the Pay Zone;
- Automating the work of administrative employees;
- Monitoring, management and control of parking machines.

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City Parking Plus Mobile

- Information on the entered registration numbers of the parked motor vehicles;
- Information about motor vehicles that are subject to a sanction;
- Information about motor vehicles that have been sanctioned;
- Payment during stay in the zone;
- Payment of the imposed penalty in cash or with a contactless bank card;
- Printing of a fiscal receipt upon cancellation of an imposed sanction;
- Performing accounting operations on official, daily and monthly reports;
- Issuing a fiscal receipt for any amount and activity;
- Reversal of a fiscal receipt.

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Presto Interactif

Last generation Swiss parking machine where the customer can buy a parking ticket. When paying with coins, the parking time is calculated according to the amount entered by the customer in the machine. When paying by bank card, the customer chooses the time for which he wishes to pay. Parking machines can issue a ticket before the start of the zone's working hours, with the paid time starting from the start of the working hours. The issued ticket is placed behind the windshield, on the driver's side, so that it can be entered and checked by the zone controller. It is not required to enter the registration number of the vehicle. The parking machine can be equipped with a fiscal device according to Ordinance H-18 (Bulgarian legislation on financial income).

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Payment with URBO Parking App

For this purpose, the customer must have the URBO Parking mobile application installed and have registered with a bank card added to it. The mobile application selects the time for which the customer wishes to pay for parking in the zone and confirms the operation. Parking time can be 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hours or more. At the request of the Municipality, an individual time payment plan can be added, for example: 24 hours. If a customer sends an SMS before the end of a paid time through URBO Parking, the time is added to the existing one.

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Payment with SMS

By sending an SMS (only from a Bulgarian mobile operator) to a short number, with the text of the registration number of the vehicle, the customer can pay for his stay in the zone for 60 minutes. Resending an SMS adds 60 minutes to the available time. The customer can also pay before the start of the working hours of the zone. When sending SMS during non-working hours, the customer is not charged. 10 minutes before the end of the paid time, the customer receives a notification SMS about expiring time.

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Parking meter monitoring portal

The application is intended for the technical staff who keep the parking machines in working order, the administrative staff who set them up, the financial staff who collect the revenue, as well as the managers who analyze the parking activities and manage the application itself.

Completed projects

Primorsko and Kiten Pay Zones

2024 г.

The residents and the guests of the seaside resorts in Primorsko and Kiten will have the opportunity to experience the newly introduced Pay Zones for pre-paid on-street parking from July 1, 2024.

Rakovski Pay Zone

2024 г.

Another successfully completed project in partnership with communication company A1 Bulgaria for the pre-paid on-street parking zone in Rakovski where we implemented the complete parking management system for the city. The improvements we implemented facilitate the personnel’s operative daily tasks and make their work a pleasure.

Chirpan Pay Zone

2021 г.

In 2021 the municipality of Chirpan, with the support of communication company A1 Bulgaria, chose our products and built a pre-paid on-street parking zone with 200 parking lots and a self-service parking meter. We at SENSIT CITY treat both large municipalities with thousands of parking lots and smaller zones with great care and respect.

Pay Zone Svoge

2020 г.

Having about 100 parking lots in its pre-paid on-street parking zone, for the Municipality of Svoge it was extremely important to have a quality software for a trouble-free work, moreover at a good price and suitable conditions. We, at SENSIT CITY together with our partners from communication company A1 Bulgaria, are glad we had the opportunity to provide the Municipality of Svoge exactly with what it needed as a smart parking management solution.

Pay Zone Botevgrad

2019 г.

The Municipality of Botevgrad and our partners from communication company A1 Bulgaria trusted our professionalism and experience in pre-paid on-street parking solutions therefore in 2019 we shared with them our complete parking solution fully meeting their requirements.

Pay Zone "Greeen" - Burgas

2018 г.

The need for additional parking lots during the summer season in Burgas necessitated the creation of a Green Pay Zone in the city. In 2018 The Municipality of Burgas commissioned us to expand the functions of our software to meet the needs of the new zone, facilitating both the users of the Blue and Green Pay Zones, as well as OP Transport employees responsible for the administration and control in the pre-paid on-street parking zones.

Pay Zones Samokov and Borovetz

2018 г.

The famous winter resort acquired the pre-paid on-street parking zone in 2018 having over 250 paid parking lots.
The installed parking meters are handy and well-known payment solution to foreign tourists as well as a preferred payment option and no need to send a value-added SMS.
In Samokov it was implemented the system for service and control of pre-paid on-street parking in designated areas with over 500 parking lots. All Presto Europa parking meters are located at key points in the area for the convenience of the customers. 

Pay Zone Shumen

2018 г.

In 2018, we successfully completed another large project for a pre-paid on-street parking zone - in the town of Shumen. Having more than 450 pre-paid on-street parking lots in the city, the Municipality focused on convenience for its citizens and guests and placed 10 parking meters in communicative locations. The control of the parked cars is quick and convenient, thanks to the functionality of the mobile application we provided the municipality with.

Pay Zone Karlovo

2017 г.

The municipality of Karlovo allocated more than 250 pre-paid on-street parking lots in the central area of the city for the convenience of citizens and guests. Their choice of SENSIT CITY’s complete solution for both software and parking meters is a guarantee for systematized and convenient work on the implementation and control of all processes related to the pre-paid on-street parking management in the city.

Pay Zone Sliven

2017 г.

The Urban mobility of Sliven municipality chose our products, and we integrated them into a complete solution for them. Therefore, since 2017 they successfully manage the processes in the pre-paid on-street parking zone having more than 2000 parking lots and 6 Presto Europa parking meters.

Pay-and-Display machines Kazanlak

2015 г.

In 2015, the city of Kazanlak acquired new Presto Europa parking meters, equipped with large screens that can display instructions in 5 different languages. The parking meters are installed in key city points to be useful for all their customers.

Pay Zone "Blue" - Burgas

2010 г.

Since 2010, a pre-paid on-street parking zone - Pay Zone has been established in the city of Burgas. It has expanded over the years and currently has over 8,000 parking lots and over 40 intelligent parking meters. Customers have different options for payment of their stay in the zone - by SMS, with a ticket from a parking meter, with a coupon from an inspector, there is a choice of several mobile smartphone applications as well.

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